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President Ali said there’s monitoring of potential security threats from immigration

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While the nation offers assistance to migrants, local authorities are closely monitoring any potential security risks from individuals who might enter Guyana, President Dr. Irfaan Ali stated on Monday.

Speaking to reporters outside of an event, the Head of State expressed worries that foreign security agents would invade Guyana by pretending to be refugees fleeing difficult living conditions abroad. But Dr. Ali claimed that the government is aware of that potential and as a result, keeps a system of active surveillance.

Sometimes you’re expected to have a totally open approach but we have certain realities that we have to be conscious about as a people and a government “… There is a mechanism that we are working to ensure that the borders are secure… to ensure that our borders are not infiltrated in any way, shape or form,” the Head of State said.

He noted too that there is an “active information platform” that analyses internal and external threats to keep Guyanese and other residents of the country safe.

But even as he highlighted the local authorities’ focus on safety and security, Dr. Ali emphasised that the government is maintaining its international obligations that require Guyana’s support for people migrating due to harsh circumstances.





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