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LBI is building 210 contemporary residences for young professionals

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At the East Coast Demerara La Bonne Intention (LBI) Housing Scheme, the government has started building 210 homes for young professionals. The houses come in two designs: the bungalow-style single flat and the two-story dwellings built in Prospect and Providence on the East Bank of Demerara, respectively.

According to Susan Rodrigues, a minister in the Ministry of Housing and Water, more than 100 one-flat flats and 100 two-storey units are being built. She disclosed that the construction of the homes is progressing smoothly, emphasizing that the project is part of the government’s affordable housing programme, which allows individuals the opportunity to own homes in wholesome communities.

“By constructing homes within these communities, people will move in faster…So, that will help with the overall plan that we have, to help people to move into communities and to occupy these areas faster,” Minister Rodrigues told the Department of Public Information (DPI) in a recent interview.

Additionally, the minister stated that the government is also looking to construct homes targeting low-income earners along the East Coast. Efforts are underway to identify a suitable area for the housing project.

“We want to do a similar type of development like we have at Diamond, where we have about 250 low-income homes…I think it’s necessary here on the East Coast,” she explained.

Minister Rodrigues reiterated that these initiatives will increase occupancy in housing developments, as well as encourage individuals who were allocated house lots in the communities to occupy their lands.

As part of the government’s turn-key initiative, over 1,500 homes are currently under construction in communities including LBI, Providence, Prospect, Great Diamond, Cummings Lodge, Hampshire/Williamsburg, Ordnance/Fortlands, and Amelia’s Ward.

These homes are at different stages of completion, with some already handed over to families. (DPI)





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