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Jamaica is now ready to send troops to Haiti, according to PM Holness

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As part of an international peacekeeping operation, the government of Jamaica will send soldiers to Haiti. Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the declaration during a press conference.

Holness asserts that his administration has consistently made clear that it is prepared to contribute to the restoration of peace and stability in the CARICOM member state that speaks French.

In fact, you could claim that Jamaica’s remark would have sparked interest in the situation there. “We said this when we spoke in Parliament, we have said it before, and yes, we are the first to say so,” he said.

The government of The Bahamas said it is committed to sending 150 persons to support a multi-national force in Haiti.

In a statement, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that The Bahamas would send the personnel to Haiti as part of the multi-national force “once authorized by the United Nations Security Council.”

The pledge made by Jamaica and The Bahamas follows reports that Kenya it is prepared to lead such a force to Haiti as escalating violence between armed gangs and police is fueling a humanitarian crisis that has displaced tens of thousands of people. Kenya is prepared to send 1,000 police officers to Haiti.






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