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Contractors urged to accelerate pace of Conversation Tree road project

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Minister of Public Works Juan Edghill on Tuesday urged the contractors working on the road widening project in Georgetown from Conversation Tree to Dennis Street to “pick up pace” so that they can meet the deadline despite only having completed 25% of the project’s work as of yet.

Edghill stated on Tuesday that the project’s deadline of November 5th requires contractors to work more quickly.

The project site was visited by the minister of public works to check on the status of the construction. However, whilst there he was not satisfied with the pace of the works and warned the contractors that they will need to accelerate their pace to meet the project deadline.

A number of concerns, including clogged drains and mosquito infestation, were also raised by residents of the communities of Campbellville and Bel Air. They too were not pleased with the performance of the contractors.

The Conversation Tree to Dennis Street, Georgetown road widening project is one of the several which is currently being executed by the Government around the country aimed at modernizing and transforming Guyana, improving infrastructure and reducing travel time. Minister Edghill also met and interact with residents of surrounding communities who had a number of concerns.

The project, which is valued at $1.8 billion, is being executed by S. Jagmohan Construction and General Supplies Inc. and Trinidadian Company, Kallco Guyana Inc.

Edghill explained that the project engineer will serve, immediately, letters of poor performance and none performance with specific instructions ensuring that the citizens’ access is maintained and water that has become stagnant and is breathing mosquitoes is addressed today.

He added that, we are flagging it especially this section that is being done by Kallco as a case of concern and we have to address it administratively.

Edghill said while S. Jagmohan Construction and General Supplies Inc appears to be making progress, Kallco Guyana Inc. is practically making none.

He instructed that Kallco meet him in his office next Monday afternoon at 5 o’clock for them to be able to determine if this project will continue with them or they will be terminated

Works on the project include a double-lane carriageway on the reserve south of Delhi Street, the implementation of concrete revetments between the East Coast highway and Railway embankment and the construction of large concrete bridges to establish a connection to Dennis Street.







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