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A $14 million health project will help 182 Quiko citizens

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A brand-new $14 million health post that was inaugurated on Saturday is expected to provide benefits to about 182 inhabitants of Quiko Village in South Central Rupununi, Region Nine. In response to a request from Toshao Ronaldo Ignatius at the National Toshaos Council (NTC) Conference, Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony traveled to the remote village to take part in its commissioning.

The residents of Quiko will no longer need to travel to Shulinab or Lethem in order to get basic healthcare services, which is a big accomplishment. A solar power system that can power the entire building will shortly be fully installed at the location.

During his remarks Minister Anthony expressed enthusiasm in joining the residents before he informed them that the government has been placing significant emphasis on advancing the healthcare sector in Region Nine.

Hospitals are being upgraded in the region with over $200 million earmarked in the national 2023 budget. These include the Sand Creek, Annai and the Karasabai hospitals.

With funding from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Lethem will also receive major upgrades including a CT-scan department among other amenities.

To complement the expansion of the health facilities, Minister Anthony noted that there are numerous training programmes available for interested youths.

“We don’t want to build facilities alone, we don’t want to give you equipment alone, we want to train young people who will be working in these facilities, maintaining them and providing services,” the health minister stated.

Toshao Ignatius expressed gratitude on behalf of his village to the government for listening to their concerns and establishing the much-needed health facility.

Meanwhile, Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr Cerdel Mcwattt informed residents that a specialist outreach will be conducted in the South Central Rupununi, whereby Quiko will benefit.

Services that will be offered during the outreach include dental, audiology, opthomology, speech impairment, and ultrasound services among other specialized medical services.

Regional Chairman, Brian Allicock noted that Region Nine will benefit from additional development as Guyana undergoes a massive transformation. The ministry’s Hinterland Coordinator, Michael Gouveia also delivered brief remarks.






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